They say that necessity is the mother of invention and in this case  the mobile greenhouse was born from information gleaned from years of working around students and researchers who either never have enough room or the right conditions for their experiments. Sharing a greenhouse will only ever work exactly if everybody grows the same plant at the same time, even then the majority of campus and institutional greenhouses are way behind the modern technologies and efficiencies.

It is also evident in most establishments that capital expenditure involves considerable red tape and long periods of waiting for local government approvals, tenders and the building of permanent structures. The mobile greenhouse is generally available from your specification within 6-8 weeks and is delivered to site pre commissioned with just the services connections to make before it is ready to use. Can be inspected and tested prior to delivery.

We have taken the largest road transportable size and made a self contained specialist greenhouse to suit, with its own forklift slippers, crane points and levelling jacks. Once on site the greenhouse can be easily moved with a reasonable sized forklift truck.

Why a 24 square metre mobile greenhouse?

  • Equates to the average size of research room in larger structures.
  • Has its own base that includes wiring, plumbing and drainage.
  • Base can hold a self contained effluent tank to suit plant containment.
  • Can be easily moved at any time.
  • Can be moved to shelter during cyclonic or storm conditions.
  • Ideal for mine site operation, just requires level site.
  • Ideal for side bench layout with centre walkway.
  • Easily saleable once projects are completed.
  • Suitable for leasing, rental or chattel mortgage.
  • Short delivery time – normally 6-8 weeks.
  • Unlimited site options for multiple units.