Models & Technical Information

The great advantage with small units is that you can have all of “the bells and whistles” without breaking the bank.

We produce mobile greenhouses in a range of sizes and specifications from a simple manually controlled unit up to PC2/QC2 levels of containment.  We can also supply 9 and 14.7 square metre units in similar formats.

Standard features: –

  • 8mx3m footprint with steel base including forklift slippers and levelling jacks.
  •  Marine plywood and non slip vinyl floor.
  • Centre floor drain with boss gulley (same as P trap)
  • Aluminium frame with 10mm polycarbonate glazing.
  • 10mm polycarbonate has a light transmission of 80% and a very high insulation value.
  • Single 1 metre wide aluminium and polycarbonate lockable door.
  • Roof vents.

Options: –

1. Internal double entry statement (PC2/QC2)
2. Centre wall and doors both ends.
3. Roof vent auto openers for basic models.
4. Hot dip galvanised benches in different sizes and formats.
5. Internal trimming for PC2/QC2 easy cleaning.
6. Insect exclusion to air inlets, doors and drains.
7. Inbuilt effluent tank in base.
8. Ramp with hand rail for wheelchair access.
9. 16mm twin wall Acrylic glazing with our own glazing system.
10. Washhand basin and coat hooks (PC2/QC2)
11. Motorised thermal screen – our unique design for minimal shadow.
12. Evaporative cooling.
13. Refrigerative cooling to 20C or split system.
14. Electrical fan heaters.
15. Humidifier – 6 kg per hour.
16. Bench enclosures with access roll ups.
17. Electrical bench heating.
18. Reticulation and misting including bench trays, capillary matting and solenoids for control.
19. Grow lighting system.
20. Electrically interlocking doors (PC2/QC2)
21. Forced ventilation system with inlet and outlet shutters.
22. Entrance cleaning fan.
23. Computer control system for items 8 to 21.
24. Lap top computer with remote access software and data logging from controller
25. Mobile phone alarm system.
26. Complete wiring and plumbing systems set up for easy site connection.

Currently being developed:

  • CO2 enrichment and control.
  • LED grow lights
  • Floorless sealed models in F Clean for absolute ambient matching.


You plan what you want and we can customise to suit. Or tell us the conditions you require and we will put together a solution.