Features & Benefits

From time to time, research organisations require alternatives to traditional greenhouse structures. The Transportable Greenhouse Company offers both short-term and permanent solutions to restrictions on available research greenhouse space.

Our greenhouses offer benefits to individual researchers who use the facilities, and to the institutions and organisations that own or rent them.

Benefits For Individuals:

  • Flexibility due to customised fit out
  • Self-contained isolated research space
  • Short delivery lead-time
  • Location flexibility

Benefits For Research Organisations:

  • Short delivery lead times
  • Delivered complete and ready to use
  • Minimal regulatory requirements
  • Flexibility in demand for research space (can be rented or easily sold if purchased outright)
  • Flexibility in fit out alternatives
  • Value for money

Contact our friendly team for more information about the benefits and features of our research greenhouses.


  • Single room 8mx3m with single door (1 drain)S
  • Single room with double entry statement and 2 doors (2 drains)
  • Double room with midway polycarbonate wall and doors both ends (2 drains)
 Roof Vents
  • Up to 9 roof vents can be fitted
  • Stand alone non electrical auto vent openers can be used.
  • A roof vent motorised open/close system can be fitted and controlled.
  • In air conditioned units we fit 4 roof vents for emergency use only
  • External insect screens on vents.
  • Fixed side benches 900 – 1200 wide x 2500 long (6 per room)
  • Rolling benches
  • 50x50x4 weldmesh tops
  • Colour bond bench trays with drains and capillary matting
 PC2/QC2 trimming
  • All fittings and fixtures trimmed to suit easy cleaning
 Insect exclusion
  • All inlets and outlets are covered with 250 micron stainless steel or polypropylene mesh
  • Drains have 100 – 250 micron stainless steel mesh as required.
  • PC2/QC2 have doors with insect seals
  • PC2/QC2 can have a cleaning fan that is activated by an external door switch
 Effluent tank
  • The base can be supplied with a matrix of 100mm sewer pipe that can hold 800 – 1000 litres of effluent with a sealed facility for removal.
   Access ramp
  • The step up to the mobile is 250mm and we can supply a galvanised steel ramp with a hand rail that is also suitable for wheel chair access.
 Acrylic glazing
  • We have developed the ideal glazing construction system for 16mm sheets.
  • 16mm acrylic Plexiglass is the ideal long term glazing that permits the passage of UV light and has a 30 year warranty against discolouration.
 Thermal screen
  • External manual or motorised thermal screen in various shade values.
  • Internal unique design motorised screen system that rolls up and has minimal shadow.
 Evaporative cooling
  • We fit an evaporative cooler to each end of the greenhouse. Each unit is 0.29 kw and uses 12 litres per hour. Installation includes dump valves that operate at the end of each day. The units have axial flow fans that move 6000 cubic metres per hour. Maintenance is easy and can be completed from the outside.
 Refrigerative cooling
  • We supply and fit rooftop units (that actually sit adjacent to the greenhouse) with capacities up to 20kw sensible cooling with fresh air inlet and transparent ducting.
  • 1 of these coolers will cool the greenhouse to about 30C and 2 units are required to get down to 20C. This may vary with location and is only an indication.
 Electric fan heaters
  • 2 x 3 kw electric fan heaters are sufficient in most areas.
  • Automatic electronic fogger that produces 6 kg of 1 micron fog per hour. Ideal for propagation of cuttings.
 Bench enclosures
  • We can supply bench clear plastic enclosures with roll up fronts.
  • Solenoid controlled or manual sprinklers and misters
  • Colourbond bench trays and capillary mat with dripper line.
 Grow lighting
  • We can supply HP sodium or infra red grow lights with round pin plugs and 6 double plug points for controlled lighting.
  • We hope soon to be able to supply LED.
 Interlocking doors
  • PC2/QC2 electronic interlocking doors with control to prevent containment breaches. These are fitted on the 2 doors of the double entry statement.
 Vent fan and shutters
  • For air-conditioned, non roof vented greenhouses we provide an exhaust fan with back draft shutter and an inlet shutter with electrical actuator.
 Cleaning fan
  • For PC2/QC2 entrances we can fit a cleaning fan that removes insects and dust from persons entering.
 Computer control        
  • We fit a user friendly computer control system that encompasses: Heating, cooling, thermal screens, reticulation, humidifier, dehumidifier and grow lighting, according to the inside humidity and temperature, light level and outside temperature. It can also be equipped to sense CO2 , wind speed, wind direction and rain.Data logging and remote access can be added with a graphics software and we can provide a laptop computer that plugs into the controller.
  • We also have an available addition to the computer control that sends an alarm to a mobile phone.
  • Each unit is wired according to the specification of the customer and is electrically certified prior to leaving our factory.
  • Each unit has the plumbing and reticulation fitted according to the customers specification including the RPZ valve and if required a Dosatron water dosing system. Hose cocks are fitted inside the greenhouse.
 Site connection
  • On arrival to site the mobile greenhouse requires connection to the mains power, drainage sewer of soak well and a water supply with a pressure of about 3.5 – 4 Bar.We can also prepare the site if required.